• Dogs are better than human beings because
    they know but do not tell.”
    – "Emily Dickinson".
  • Until one has loved an animal, a part of
    one's soul remains unawakened.”
    – "Anatole France".
  • Pets are non-judgmental and provide unconditional love,
    meaning, and joy to our lives.”

Welcome To Pet Pamper

Every home to experience the joys of raising pets as family.

As we know having a pet is a blessing. But thousands of responsibilities and restrictions come along with pets for the pet owners.

Our mission is to provide pet owners the assurance that their pets will be in a healthy environment, which seems homely for them so that they are comfortable even if they are far from their parents.

The people who want to take care of pets and earn a living from this can apply to register themselves. 

Why Choose Us?

Verified, Secured and well trained caretakers
CCTV equipped caretakers

A healthy and homely environment available near you
Caretakers are equipped with all emergency services

How to get a Service

Make a

Answer a few quick questions about the pet service you want

Match with
care taker

Get up to 5 cost estimates from pet boarding shortly

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Choose a care Taker and place a deposit to schedule a meet & greet

Confirm the
Care Taker

Proceed with the Care Taker if suitable otherwise inform us to meet other

Frequently Asked Questions

They are kept in a room with CCTV

There’s usually 1 caretaker present all the time during the day and during nights they Pawcare the pets through CCTV

Charged on day basis around ₹500-600

Yes, they first observe the behaviour of pets, if they are friendly then they’ll keep them together. Aggressive pets are kept separately. However there is a chance that pets may catch an infection while living with other pets.

 If leaving the pet just for a day then the owner can provide home cooked meals and if for a couple of days then they will prepare the meals and charge for it. Otherwise they feed packed foods to the pets.

  They are left to play in a ground and have enough space

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